A Few Awesome Reviews.

*Here are some reviews from "The Knot", "Wedding Wire", "Facebook", "Google", etc...

Christi Proud wrote a review (5.0) - 10/11/2019

For out fall wedding (footbal I know)  I knew I wanted the best in the business and DJ Pulse came highly recommended. DJ Pulse provided absolutely all we wanted. He was with us the entire way before the wedding day and especially the night of the wedding. It seemed like he was two steps ahead the entire night, keeping the flow absolutely perfect! Even the other vendors were impressed! Thanks Perfect Day Productions and especially DJ Pulse!

Maria Reed wrote a review (5.0/5.0) - 09/08/2019

Dj Pulse was amazing. My sister's wedding couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you so much Perfect Day Productions for stepping up and doing such a wonderful job.

Emily wrote a Review (5.0/5.0): -­ 04/18/2018 2:28 pm

"Our wedding was April 7th, 2018 and unfortunately, I had planned on an outdoor wedding that we had to move indoors due to Nebraska’s wonderful weather. Our DJ was very accommodating, we had an extra meeting the Wednesday prior to the ceremony to revamp the entire schedule. We are just very thankful and extremely happy that we choose DJ Pulse and Perfect Day. He assured us that all would be fine and delivered on every promise. Our DJ even helped make sure the other vendors kept to the schedule. Everyone had a great time dancing and celebrating all night! Just can’t say thank you enough to DJ Pulse and Perfect Day Productions. These guys listened to us."

Karen wrote a Review (5.0/5.0): -­ 07/09/2018 10:23 pm

"My wedding ceremony was in February of this year in Tampa,Florida. I thought that experience was awesome enough but it continued. We had planned a midwest wedding reception in May. DJ Pulse and Perfect Day Productions guided us throughout all the processes. He and his assistant Cade kept everyone involved and entertained!. I never imagined two celebrations could be so memorable but that is what Perfect Day did for us! I am very glad we chose DJ Pulse!! It was definitely a non-­stop celebration for all of our families.

Ainsley wrote a Review (5.0/5.0): -­ 02/05/2018 10:22 pm

"We started planning our New Years Eve wedding several months ago. We knew it would be a little more difficult than the normal Saturday wedding. I had attended a destination wedding in Orlando, Fl and met DJ Pulse @ the reception. I knew immediately I wanted Perfect Day & DJ Pulse for my ceremony and reception. He worked with me and my family from the beginning and was extremely flexible. We had the music we wanted, the music the guest wanted, a great flow to the evening and a wedding reception that no one will soon forget going to almost 1:30 in the morning. From start to the "day of" we got everything we wanted, Perfect Day Productions was definitely the easiest part of our day. 

Marc & I can't say thank you enough!"

Krystal wrote a Review (4.9/5.0): -­ 01/30/2017 3:50 pm

"I just wanted to recommend Perfect Day Productions because of the work they did for my reception. Planning a wedding is not easy and when you have a company like Perfect Day you can sit back and just enjoy. All of my guest, from all over the country, had a blast and so did I. DJ Pulse covered all my (our) music taste perfectly. I knew not to choose a corporate cookie cutter company because of my friends past experiences and I know that no matter what else when I asked friends what they remember about weddings it was 100% the fun or lack of fun at the reception. I just want to say hire Perfect Day Productions! Then relax and celebrate your wedding day. Thanks."

Emma & Trenton posted 4/9/2018

"My wedding ceremony was in February of this year in Hawaii. I thought that experience and celebration there was going to be the highlight of my wedding memories. It was warm weather and beaches, how can you beat that. But my mother did not get to attend due to illness. We had planned a stateside wedding reception for March 31st with a Hawaiian theme etc. DJ Pulse and Perfect Day Productions guided us through the flowof the night and kept everyone involved and entertained beyond our expectations. They brought in a huge screen so we could replay the ceremony, that consequently my mother had never seen. So Helpful. So very thoughtful. I never imagined two celebrations could be so memorable but that is what Perfect Day did for us! I am highly thankful we chose them!! DJ Pulse was perfection. It was definitely a non-­stop party from start to the end."

Blake & Christin posted 1/30/2017

"I was assigned the task of the “party” which means the DJ! I just want to thank DJ Doc and Perfect Day Productions for bringing the party to the best day in my life. I had guidance from Doc on the flow of a wedding and he helped me arrange everything. Then on top of that the music was great! Oldies, new stuff, pop party songs and everything in between. I just want to say thank you to DJ Doc and the company that helped make me look good to my wife & family! But seriously this was epic, Thank You. They came highly recommended and I know why."

Rylie & Marc

"Simply Awesome! We planned a super fun wedding on NYE. We had the pleasure of meeting Perfect Day Productions and DJ Pulse at my cousin's previous wedding and we knew this would be a great fit. We were not (pardon the pun) disappointed. We did all of the traditional wedding events plus had a massive countdown and champagne toast @Midnight! None of my guest or family will ever forget my wedding and the simply awesome celebration we had. My Thanks to Ryan, DJ Pulse and Perfect Day Productions! All expectations met!"