DJ Pulse


How do you answer... “What do you do?”

I am a DJ /MC who specializes in nightclubs, corporate events and weddings. I take the lead on the event so you can rest at ease that all your wishes will be met.

When and How did you get into the wedding industry?


I worked for a "company" who performed wedding services and coordinated

Weddings & Events. I experienced weddings & wedding receptions from Start to Completion. 

I know this gives me a unique perspective that is not easily found with most DJ's or DJ Companies.

How did you and your work evolve to get you to this point of now?

Watching and learning how brides were being "dictated to" instead of

Consulted, advised and listened too; (Creating what was called the  "bridezilla")  I’ve always

been passionate about music & people  and knew that this is where I could be most immediately impactful. Devloping a Company to change the industry and make it better.

What is the favorite thing you do with weddings?

I help make beautiful memories

While doing what I Love to DO!

The clients I work with typically appreciate the work that I do and the skills that i have. On the other hand a great deal of the people I have talked to that have "cut" on the dj or music wish they would have spent extra on a really true professional. You just can't view the DJ as someone who plays some selected music. You must remember The DJ/MC keeps the timeline going, does the emcee work and then keeps everyone entertained!

What is the best compliment you’ve received from your clients?

 OMG! We Love You! People are still talking and raving about our Wedding Reception 0r Event! 100.

Best piece of advice for brides / grooms / families for planning weddings?

Choose vendors that understand and fall in love with your vision.

Choose vendors that understand this is “your” vision and "your" dreams.

Choose vendors warm & passionate about “helping” not just leading.

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy the day! Take a breath and relax…Also at the beginning of planning  make a "list", I call it the "Pain" list. On this list write down all the things that are "Must Have's or Must Do's" for your wedding then place them in order of importance. You will be very happy you did! It will guide you in making your day Perfect! And as for the 2nd most visible vendor of your evening, remember  you are not paying for music, you are paying for an "event producer", DJ/MC, entertainer, game host and sometimes psychic.